Friday, August 23, 2013

Time Marches On

I could tell you that my computer had a nervous breakdown. I could whine about how crazy things always are around here. I could tell stories of wishing for time to just slow down! But I won't bore you, or myself with the details of how I have ignored my attempts at keeping some kind of life log with this blog. Barely breathing as it may be, perhaps, now that my munchkins are in school (yep, both of them) I can give some time to noting here all those important moments that seem to slip by so quickly.

Like the little nugget THAT BOTH OF MY KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL!! I know I say it all the time but I have no idea where the past 5 years have gone. I swear she should still be a baby not a crazy kindergartner who loves to do "flips" (an odd combination on a forward roll, handstand, and front walkover) and thinks that she is 5 going on 16. And my sweet boy, while still the gentlest soul you will likely ever meet, has flown all the way to 3rd grade. He is growing up everyday and it likely won't be long until he is as tall as I.

I hope to play a little catch up in the coming weeks.....only time will tell if I can manage to fill in the gaps of the past 8 months or so. I am hopeful that I will at least be able to get the big events before my slippery mind forgets all the good parts!

Here is to catching up and all the new adventures yet to come!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 (the short version)

Another year has passed. I say it every year, and I mean it every year.....where has the time gone so quickly? Seems like just yesterday we were crazy kids ourselves and now, our kids are growing like weeds.

2012 was decent year. It had it's ups and down's and while it ended on a not-so-high note, it provided us with much to grow on in 2013.

Top ten lists were a common sight in Christmas Cards this year, so here (in no particular order) is the White Family Top Ten List of 2012:

1. Alexandra turned 4.
2. Nathan turned 8.
3. Nathan started 2nd grade in July.
4. Alex learned her letters and their sounds (finally!) and is starting to read.
5. Both kids had their first dance recital in June. They killed it!
6. Our favorite neighbor got married and we loved being part of her day!
7. September was the White Family trip....a cruise to New England and Canada.
8. Grandpa-great turned 90! We love that guy!
9. We lost a dear friend when Jared died. This was really tough.
10. Disneyland full year passes.....wowzers!

We also had some wonderful visits with family (Zoe was here in December). Spent the year watching the twins grow in to crazy three year olds. Are still learning Chinese (well, Nathan is anyway). Filled out pre-registration forms for Alex for kindergarten (I cried). Spent the night at Grand America (Nathan has wanted to do this for ages!). And took the grandparents (all 3 of them) to Vernal to see the Dinosaurs.

With 2013 right around the corner, there are some big things on our plates. Alex will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, she is soooo excited to go to the "big" school. I am learning that my kids will grow up no matter how hard I try to keep them little. Nathan will hit 3rd grade. Amazing! he will continue in his Chinese immersion program. Grandpa and Grandma White are going to serve a mission for the LDS Church and while we are excited for them, we sure will miss them too!We are going to get some use out of our Disney passes....Greg and I will return this spring to Disneyland for our 13th anniversary and 1st trip to see the Mouse without the kids, since we had kids. We also plan to go to Disneyland later in the year with Gran and the Hadden's for the twins first trip. I am so excited for them. We will continue to pray for a baby for Mike and Stephanie, by birth or adoption (we aren't picky). Plus I am sure we will be visiting Grandpa and Grandma somewhere! Dance recital is in June and both kids are in 2 classes this time little performers.

So here is to 2013......may it find you happy and healthy!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Election 2012

I am so tired of this election cycle. I am exhausted. I am tired of the candidates and their incessant blabbering. We have been playing this election game for far to long in my opinion. In addition to the candidates non-stop yapping, we now have social media, and suddenly the good and decent people you thought you knew have turned into purple polka-dotted monsters. Spewing whatever crap (both true and false) their party has given them the previous few days. I, unlike many, try to stay out of it and keep my nose mildly clean. It's not that I don't have my opinions, because I certainly do, but I respect that those around me may not feel the same.

I also HATE when those running for office tell me how bad their opponent is......I will do my own looking into your opponent, tell me about you! Tell me about your plan and YOUR ideas! Pointing out your opponents short comings makes you look shallow and mean, and I don't do shallow and mean. I also do not appreciate 5 million phone calls, this is particularly true when I am putting my children to bed, or after I have told you 65 times I will not support your candidate. (Mia Love, please make note of both these statements.) And if I ask to have my name removed from a calling list and your volunteer gets nasty, it sure doesn't win you any points in my book, whether you have paid for the add or not. You might consider that when you develop your platform, and who you seek support from.

That may all sound like I do not value my vote. My right to vote. My American status. You are WRONG. I am very deeply rooted in my roots. I am only a second generation American on my mom's side of the family. My grandparents did it the hard way. They came here (one on a cattle boat, thank you very much), established themselves, had a family. My Grandmother, even became a citizen after many years. I don't know about my Grandpa, I never had the pleasure of meeting him, he died when my mom was young. I very much value the rights and liberties I have, and am grateful for them.

So yes, I will vote. I have my mail-in ballot right here next to me on the table. And I will likely complain to someone (likely my politically chatty husband) about how the elections turn out. But don't for one second think I will not be so excited they are OVER!!! After all, someone will have to start campaigning again 6 months from now for an election 3 and 1/2 years from that time.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Holy Terror

I love my girl. I love her tenacity. How daring she is, and how she takes all things in stride. I have more than once called her my "what the hell" child. And I mean that in a good way, for her, but not for me. This child will be the death of me, I swear. Many are the times I have had to take a deep breath and just watch, knowing that whatever she is up to may not end well, and luckily, when it doesn't she cries only for a moment before she is, truthfully, back at whatever it was that she just got hurt doing. She looks at all things as something she CAN do. Hence the "what the hell" label. Alexandra looks at things, get that particular look in her eye, the one that you can just see her wheels spinning with, and you know she is off to it. No matter what it may be.


Let's see, both the kids are back in school, for now. Both started dance this week, but we only started on Wednesday and Nathan has a Tuesday class too. I guess I need to find this families grove. Easier said then done. We have only a few days before Nathan tracks-off (he goes to school for 5-6 weeks then is off for 3 weeks) and that usually throws things into a tailspin. As hard as I try to keep the same routine every day, there is just something about having him home that throw a wrench in nearly everything. I love the kid, and he is by no means a pest, but it's just WEIRD to have him home all of a sudden. Nothing really changes, we just don't take him to school. But that also means he wants to play with friends, eat lunch, have snacks. He needs me to help him with a few of those things, which I do. But some days it just makes things really complicated. More so for me. I like my schedule and when we throw a wrench in it, ugh. And just as I get use to having him home, back he goes to school. I think this is some one's idea of a joke. Maybe I am just the only one who doesn't find it to be terribly funny. I can safely say that this schedule was not created with mom's in mind.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to School

                      Nathan's first day of SECOND grade 2012-2013

Alex's first day of 4-year-old Preschool 2012-2013

The title is really a little miss leading. Nathan has been in school for over a month, since July 25th, which meant summer was reallllllly short. Alex went back to preschool this week. She is simply delighted to be being busy and on a true schedule where she has an actual roll in things. Now we are just waiting for the dance season to get started in September and we will be rocking and rolling. Both kids have 2 dance classes a piece this year, which will likely keep me busy and poor. Nathan is taking tap and ballroom (he begged to see if they would allow him into the class) and Alex is taking a tap/jazz combo class and ballet again. The studio director would love to see Nathan in a ballet class, but I have not yet been able to convince him he really should take one. Nathan also completed a 2 week theater course that started the same time as school and that meant we ran ourselves ragged for 2 weeks, but it ended with a great little program in a non-air conditioned gym. Wholly hotness! But he did great and I can safely say he is not afraid of being on stage or in front of people (oh, yep he is mine!).

We did our favorite quick getaway the weekend before Nate went back to school and ran to the Little America for a quick overnighter. The kids love to swim and just have the adventure of not being at home. No bedtime, no real rules. We even got a bonus of being able to see the fireworks that went off right down the street from our hotel. We settled in at the window and watched them in all our air conditioned glory. Sa-weet!

Nathan goes off track in just about 2 weeks and I will love having him home. He is so much fun. He has been reading Harry Potter lately and very much enjoying it. I never thought I would be a mom who was okay with a year round schedule and I am not sure I love it, but when you have a kid in a immersion program, it is more blessing than curse. And I have learned to love to be able to go do things on our off track periods when everyone else is in school. I don't mind traveling but I am not a fan of crowds or long lines.

We had one more milestone for our family in August. One that both thrilled us, and left (at least me!) in tears. Our wonderful, adorable, amazing neighbor got married. Courtney was 14 when we moved in and she and Nate bonded from their first meeting. In fact, I think she was the first non-family member to touch him after he was born. I love that girl and admit freely that she has saved my butt on more than one occasion. And while I want her to be grown, married and wildly happy with her sweet husband, Ethan, I am so sad to see her go. This is two-fold. First, I love that girl like there is no tomorrow. We moved to a house where I knew NO ONE and this sweet girl not only loves my kid(s) but takes the very best care of them and I can hand her a credit card and send her to the grocery store or beg her to bring me milk on her way home. And she not only did it, she did it with a smile. She was always excited to watch the kids and they LOVED when I would tell them Court was coming over. I don't think she knows how much she meant to me all those years. The second reason I am sad to see her go is this: if she can grow up and move on, so can my kids. That is a horrifying thought. I realize that I have a lot of years before that happens, but I am sure Court's parents, at one time, thought they did too! There are no words to thank her for all her love and care. You will always be "Our Courtney" and we love ya kid! Thank you for letting us be part of your special day.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer 2012, Part One

Does it seem like time just keeps going fast and faster to anyone else? I keeping waiting for the day when I am able to catch up to all the forces swirling around me, at this rate that is never going to happen. Anyone else?

The beginning of June brought our last 1st grade off track (well, part of May and June). It was bitter sweet and we got our schedules all messed up. A good holiday and loads of fun will do that to you. And then we smacked the middle of June, just as we went back to school, we had our very first dance recital. Times two! My kids are so stinking cute and I am so wildly proud of them. We spent two very long days at the Theater (yes, real theater...and all the way downtown too!) with both dress rehearsal and performances in two different shows on the same night. I saw this as a blessing and a curse. First, it was great because the kids got to see each other's performances. Which was awesome to have them cheer for each other. But wholly crap it was a L...O....N...G couple days for all of us. Three weeks later, I still feel like I am recovering a little. So that Thursday and Friday night were nuts, and then Greg had to work all weekend. When we finally rolled into Monday, we had our studio party at a local water slide park and that meant we were out late there too. But I am happy to report both kids *nailed it* and loved every second. Nathan has asked to dance again next year and Alex has informed me that she will be taking ballet AND tap/jazz.

I am proud to report that, as of the end of June, Nathan has successfully completed the first grade. In both English and Chinese. He is reading on a high third grade level and can do math in two languages. The kid amazes me. That means I have wrapped my year as room mom, and will be passing the torch to the next crazy person in line. It was a great experience and I loved Nathan's teacher, but I am looking forward to just being a party helper instead of a party thrower in the second grade. Alex wrapped up 3 year old preschool and asks daily when she gets to go back to school and when whether this is the year she will go to "the big school" with Nathan. One more year of preschool kiddo.

Summer is only three weeks long for us. Nathan goes back to school before July is out. Second grade is lapping at our heels. We don't really have anything exciting planned. I think we need some down time around here. We have a big trip planned for the Fall and the kids are begging to hit Disneyland again this Winter. So we will have to see what plays out in the next couple of weekends.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ups and Downs

I miss the days when my kids napped. I miss those precious moments I had to myself. I love how they are growing, and most days I love who they are becoming. Like right this moment I am pretty sure our lawn care guys (best ever!!) probably know how the animals at the zoo feel. There are four little people sitting on the back deck staring and yelling at them. Nothing like mowing the lawn for an audience. And really they are pretty good kids. We have been off-track for the past two weeks, and usually I am a bedtime nazi. No matter on track or off, I make them go to bed at the same time. Well, I admit, the past week or so I have been terrible, we have been up late nearly every night and this would not be so much of a problem if the kiddos would just sleep in a little bit, but they do not. And that leads to grumpy, whiny kids. Which quickly leads to a mommy breakdown. Not a good combination. I have got to get us all back on track, or we are going to be in big trouble.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Twelve years ago I married my best friend. Greg is my husband, my friend and so much more. He sent me roses on Friday, I can't remember the last time I had flowers delivered to me.....probably when I had Alex 4+ years ago. To be fair he has given me flowers many times since then, it's just when you work at a grocery store, it is so easy to bring flowers home, which he does! We have had our fair share of crazy ( hello $100,000 baby!) and it feels like more good then I have ever deserved. I am the luckiest girl around. Eat your heart out world!

Monday, April 2, 2012

March 2012

Wowzer, time flies when you are busy living life. Things here are moving along at a clip that seems to never slow down.
We are in the middle of a doggy sitting jag. Conan and Roo made their appearance in late February and it looks like they will likely be with us until at least May. They are great dogs, great big dogs. They have made themselves at home. Conan has decided his favorite places are sacked out on the couch and my bed. My poor cream colored blanket was nearly grey from all the black doggy hair. I can vouch for the fact that German Shepherds only shed on days that end with a "y". Wholly dog hair batman! But they have been gems and we love having them. Greg had to work three overnights in a row, and I loved the piece of mind I had when I went to bed at night, knowing my big dogs were sleeping near by. There was also the added bonus of my cousin in the spare bedroom, and his highway patrol car in the driveway. I don't think I could be an "overnight" wife. Those nights were miserable and the days were miserable. Thankfully, remodeling doesn't happen but once in a blue moon.
We survived off-track. Nathan was a little disappointed that we weren't going anywhere this time. Considering the last 2 off-tracks have brought some big trips (a cruise and Disneyland) I can understand his expectation, and really I wish we had been able to go someplace, but with doggies, it made it necessary to stay home for a change. Maybe in next time we can have an adventure.
Speaking of adventures, the other day we had to take my Aunt home, she lives about 2 hours away, part freeway driving part canyon highway. On the way home, about 20 minutes into our drive home Alex informed me she had to pee. When I asked her if she could hold it, she informed me she could not, so I found a little place to pull over so she could pee on a tree. We all jumped out of the car, Nathan ran over to do his business and Alex looked at me like I was going to chop her arm off. I wanted her to WHAT? So I help (got her) out of the car and my mom was talking to her. Well, the minute I let go of her she ran and crawled back in the car and started crying and yelling about how she was NOT going to pee in the bushes. She is usually so adventurous, so I snagged her back out of the car, kicking and screaming (literally!) and hauled her over to the bushes so she could pee. Needless to say, she was NOT! going to have anything to do with this nonsense. So I told her she could hold it, she said that was fine, and we all got back in the car. Me, licking my lip wound from where she scratched my face while trying to escape me trying to make her pee on a bush. And she wants to go camping....should be interesting.
March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb. And was over before I hardly had time to realize it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

February 9, 2012

It is a good week into February and it was 55* today. We have had a really weird winter. We have not yet had to shovel snow. At all. Not once. I have really mixed feelings about this crazy weather. I am a snow girl. I attribute it to being a winter baby. I love the cold and the snow and that freshly covered look A good snowman. Snow angels.
We froze our butts off in December. Had temps that I would have expected now. About this time of year we have snow on all the lawns and in the field behind our house. It is not all this yucky uncovered ugliness. I feel like Spring is going to be very anti-climactic around here. Ya know, since it started in January.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2011 in a Nutshell...

Wow, to cram a whole year into a nutshell. I will give it a try......

Greg started the year still driving 65 miles round trip to work. At a store that he hated. With a crappy staff. But, being the Mr. Awesome that he is, he not only held it together, he was able to persevere and make it better. At least to a degree. We waded through crappy days off. But it all paid off in June when he was able to put in for a transfer to a store so much closer to home. We go the offer over 4th of July weekend, and six very long weeks later he was able to transfer to his new store. So August was a good month here. He has a great staff, that is super nice and he is back to a "normal" schedule. Which we are all so grateful to have. Greg didn't go to Alaska this year with his Dad, which has been the case for the past 6 years. This year the whole family went on a cruise to Mexico in September and it was so fun. Us, the kids, Greg's parents and his brother Mike and his cute wife. We had a wonderful time and I am sure we will be doing that again. Throw in some fantasy football (or 10 teams) and a whole lot of reading books (his new passion) and I think Greg would list 2011 ending on a high note.

I spent 2011 pursuing a lot of interests. I spent my 6th year on the Ronald McDonald House Gala Committee. I got the chance to work for the March of Dimes with March for Babies. A charity especially near and dear to my heart. And I also continue to watch my nephews, be a stay-at-home mom and also still work part-time as a pharmacy tech. My plate is plenty full and I am grateful to be able to do so much and have a chance to give back when I have so very much. Along with our cruise we also took the kids to Disneyland for a week in December. It was a truly lovely trip. We got to meet up with friends we adore and spend sometime with them, and also just relax and enjoy our children. I am also a room mom for Nathan's class so I have mastered the art of planning classroom parties. The end of December also brought a show of my natural grace when I stepped down to what I thought was the bottom stair (it wasn't) and I broke my left foot. I spent 4 long weeks in a boot, but am happy to report things seem to have healed well.

Speaking of Nathan, where to start! He tried tennis in 2011. He was good at it, but didn't want to continue to play, so we have moved on to other endeavors. He broke his other arm this year, in February. So for those keeping track he has now broken BOTH arms. This time there was no cast, he broke it high up by his shoulder, and so we spent 3 weeks in a sling while trying to make a 6 year old take it easy. He finished up kindergarten with flying colors, and breezed right into first grade where he is in an immersion program learning Chinese of all things. At Fall parent/teacher conferences, he was reading on a late second grade level and doing well at everything but sitting still. Nothing new there. He has had the chance to speak to a handful of Chinese speakers, and they are always very impressed with him. The blond haired, blue eyed boy who speaks Chinese. He almost always takes them by surprise that he speaks so well with such clarity and accent. He has some great friends that he loves to play with and we spend our Fridays and Weekends taking turns with extra children or dropping him off to play. Also, Nathan decided to give dance a whirl (ugh....sorry for the pun) and he is taking a tap/jazz class at the studio where Alex is dancing. He loves the class and I think is looking forward to recital in June. Nathan ended the year with his seventh birthday and trip to Disneyland. And he is begging for our next cruise to be on a Disney ship.

Alexandra, as she does every year, started 2011 with a birthday. She was 3 and at our house 3 is much worse then 2. Most of the year was spent hanging with mom, but she did have a few huge milestones. First, she had her tubes out of her ears and the holes patched in June. Never to be "normal" after 25 months her tubes never fell out, so we had to have them pulled out by the ENT and then had to do a lot of praying that they healed properly. After 6 long weeks of waiting she was proclaimed whole and it has been great. No more ear plugs and her hearing has returned to normal (big collective sigh of relief here!) Top that off with no ear infections in almost three years and I am good! The Fall brought the start of preschool and she loves it. Her teacher reports that she is really quiet in class. WHAT?!?! Alex quiet? I am going to have to take her word for it. She learns so much different then her brother, I am still getting used to it. She also started ballet. She is so cute in her pink tights, leo and skirt. I totally admit to reliving my favorite times through her. She also loved the cruise and Disneyland, and was excited that Santa brought her a "waza" scooter like Nate's.

So let's see, 2 big vacations. Broken arm for Nathan, a little surgery for Alex, broken foot for me. Greg kinda got off easy in the personal injury department! Can't wait for the adventures of 2012!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Alexandra

(blowing out the candle on her birthday cupcake)

My sweet girl is growing up so fast. Seems like it was not so long ago that she was a baby, doing all those baby things. I was going to say snuggling up in my arms, but for her that would be a blatant lie, she has never been a snuggler. The past year has brought the start of preschool and ballet class. She loves to steal her brother's tap shoes and wear them on the tile to make noise. She is still a screamer. And a sudo-big sister to the twins. She makes me crazy with her independence and strong will, but since I know exactly where she got them from, I can hardly complain. Happy Birthday Alex, we love you bits and pieces.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Nathan!

Seven! He is seven! He is the sweetest boy. Prone to overthinking everything. Loves legos. Can read like nobody's business. Hates all vegtables, will not eat it if he even sees green. Would have a tough time choosing between riding his bike and playing the Wii all day. Loves Mexican food, especially cheese enchiladas from La Costa. Kind hearted and a great big brother who puts up with a lotta crap from his little sister.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Spirit

I keep hearing a little voice in my head saying that as we have been given much we should share. I know at this time of year there are wonderful organization that do great things. And I give them full credit for all they do. I want to find a family or individual that needs a little help, that is not signed up with all those organizations. Those who are hanging on at the risk of falling is there is one wrong move. They don't qualify for all the help out there and yet, if they had a little help it would change their outlook in a lot of ways. If you know of such a family or individual please please let me know. email/facebook what ever works.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lights On at The Grand

We decided that since Greg had 5 (yes, FIVE) days off in a row for the Thanksgiving holiday that we needed to do something with the kids. So, we packed up for the night and headed down to Little America Hotel and got our Christmas kick-off on. We got a beautiful tower room with a king sized bed and made a plan. We would head over to the Grand America for their Lights On celebration and then we would go back to the room have a little dinner (we ended up with Cafe Rio) and watch a movie all snuggled up on the bed. Hence the king size bed. It was a lot of fun. The Grand had a crowd but was not super packed and we got to see Santa and Mrs. Claus (see our picture below), wander through the hotel while we filled out our scavenger hunt card which told the story of helping Maurice the penguin find the missing Christmas star. And when we were done, the kids got yummy shortbread cookies at the La BonneVe store. Nathan could spend all day at the new toy store JouJou at The Grand, it was a lot of fun. I bought our Christmas tree ornaments for this year there...........really cute glass robots. And, probably the kids favorite part, Greg (the Daddy who hates to swim) took them swimming while I went to go get dinner. Capped off the night watching The Smurf's movie snuggled on the bed. Alex crashed before the movie was over, and because I love my children, but have no desire to sleep in the same bed with them (pretty sure I would wake bloody) I moved them to the air mattress we had brought with us. I felt a little weird about packing in an air mattress, but it worked out so well! Then Nate ended the movie and moved to sleep with his sister. This was brilliant, and even more so when they both climbed into bed with us at 6 am (ya, we had a nap when we got home). I am a sucker for a good breakfast buffet and the one at Little America is one of my favorites. A perfect end to a quick get away. As we drove away Alex said she wanted to go back, and Nathan said next time we should stay at the Grand America. Maybe this summer we can make that happen. They have an awesome outdoor pool.
(A little blurry, I took a picture of our picture to post it here)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cruisin' part 2

The weather this year has been a little bit crazy. Our cruise was the second week of Sept. So I anticipated it would be warm, but not so hot and humid that my hair would need it's own cabin. I was WRONG. Once we made it past the tip of Baja, it got hot and muggy. Cabo San Lucas was truly miserable. It was 90* plus with at least 90% humidity. Not being big on the costly ship excursions, we just decided to go ashore and see what happened. We found a water taxi that took the 5 (us plus Grandpa) of us out to Lover's Beach and the Arch and Divorce Beach for $40 US. The ship wanted $40 per person. So we go a little tour, the dropped us at the beach and we hung out for a while. It was not a bad visit, but so hot and we didn't have life jackets for the kids, so we dared not go to far out in the ocean, as there was a bit of a shelf and an under toe. I think we were all happy to get back on the ship and peel our stick clothing off ourselves. The second day in Cabo, the kids stayed on the big ship with the Grandparents and Greg and I got off and wandered around. It was still too hot to be comfortable, so we ambled along and found Cabo Wabo (hello, we were in Cabo!) and at 10 a.m. I had a daiquiri and it was awesome. We sat there for a bit and then meandered down the road for a little bit longer, but ultimately just decided to take a water taxi back over to the pier and grab some lunch and a coke (oh, Mexi-coke how I LOVE you) before we got back on board the ship. Cabo is not bad, and maybe if we had gotten more into town it would have been even better, but it was so freaking hot and humid I had a hard time wanting to do anything!
Our second (third? after two days in one location) stop was by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Puerto Vallerta was green and lush and ohlala. I was smitten for the moment I saw it. Gorgeous. We had decide to splurge and give the kids one big adventure, so we booked the Pirate Ship adventure for the majority of the day. Ohmygosh! It was great. You have your own personal pirate for your party who takes care of everything from serving your food to bringing you drinks, to helping you with water sports. We had an awesome pirate, who was so good with the kids. We loved this because it was kind-of an all inclusive excursion. It included breakfast and lunch and drinks. The food was pretty good. And truly we had a ball. We got on board, had breakfast, got seated, watched an awesome little action packed show, which included the pirates jumping overboard while we were cruising along the ocean and shooting at each other. Nathan LOVED it. He was all over the place trying to watch everything. Alex enjoyed it too. We then got to spend 2 hours on a private beach. It was so nice. There were drinks. Some water sports, Nathan loved the boogie boards. And even a chance to go snorkeling and kayaking. Greg, Mike, and Steph got to go snorkeling, I got to be mom and hang with the kids, mostly because I didn't think it was fair to just ditch them on Grandpa, though I know he would have happily taken them. Alex, of that girl, she was happy as a clam to just float in the ocean. Literally. Once the snorkelers came back, she and Aunt Stephy went out up to Stephy's neck and stayed there until it was time to get back on board the pirate ship. We loved that adventure, I can safely say it was worth all the bucks I spent on it.
Our last 2 days were sea days and they got a little stormy, but we still had fun. The kids discovered that the loved the stage shows that went on every night. Nathan was in awe, Alex made it half way through and then crashed hard, and slept on mine or Greg's lap for the remainder of the show. We quickly learned to just put her in her PJ's before we went to the theater. We swan in the swimming pools, soaked in the hot tub, and lest I forget the water slide, which Alex rode all by herself. That child is fearless!
Mostly this trip was a great way to reconnect, not only with the 3 most important people in my life, but also with Greg's family. I am so lucky to have such great in-laws. Both his parents and his brother and sister-in-law. I love that we can spend a week together and not be miserable. So here it to our next adventure, where ever it may lead!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And we are CRUISIN' part 1

We took a little family vacation last week. Oh, alright, it was a big family vacation. Big trip, new adventure. Lots of family. We took a 7 night cruise to Mexico with the Hub's family. Parents-in-law and siblings-in-law. Actually that only adds four to our count of four.

Anyway, the eight of us jumped on a boat (ship....big old honkin' ship) and made our way down the coast. First, let me tell you that I was a little concerned to be sailing with 2 small children. It was not ever as bad as my mind made it out to be. The SHIP (Carnival Splendor) was more then ready for them and they were beyond taken care of, along with the rest of us. Everyone we had one on one contact with were awesome with the kids. Our room stewards and wait staff were amazing. I think it helped we had a ocean view stateroom. The window was really quite large and the kids loved to crawl up in the opening and just stare at the water.....this is especially true of Nathan (and Greg). Our room was large enough we were not stepping all over each other, and it also helped the Greg's parents were right next door and our rooms connected. Score. There also was the magical thing they call Camp Carnival. I suppose you could look at it as a kind of glorified daycare, but for my kids, it was there chance to get away from us. To go play with the other kids and do all the fun things the staff had planned for them. Everything from movies to art projects to towel creations to video games. They loved it. Nathan asked to go nearly everyday, and by the mid part of the week so was Alex. Greg and I are not big partyers (a shocking revelation I am sure) so we never did the paid part of Camp which ran from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. and I will hold my tongue as to my feelings on the whole thing, because I really didn't need to use it. I was lucky enough to have 2 other sets of parents on board for my kids, should they be necessary. And, I suppose I did use them, on a number of nights we tucked the kids and grandparents into bed and went out to the movie, or the show or bingo. But I would not likely have done that had my wonderful in-laws not been there. But the kids were good, they loved the trip. Heck the tooth fairy even found Nathan when he lost his top tooth while biting into a burrito the first full day of the cruise.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My little ballerina

Or maybe I should title this post "my little sassypants" both titles are very fitting. I know I just said it, but I LOVE this girl. Spunk. Sass. Mouthy. Precious. Amazing. Our first day of ballet. Yes, our. I am so right there with her. I stood glued to the window, tucking in my hiney....engaging my abs.....stand straight and tall. And I could not hear one word. I am such a nerd. I wanted to be right there next to her, but this is her moment and her turn. I want her to love this. I want her to want to dance. I realize I have no control over this, but I want to share this with her. I had to quit dance at way to soon (in my world) because of circumstances beyond my control and I missed it and still do. I am 30-something and still long for a good ballet technique class. Only time will tell how this plays out. I am hoping she will love it and it will be good for her. Keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Talese, one year later.

I am not one to celebrate the anniversary of anyone's death. But I have been thinking about her, so here goes.

Just over a year ago, my sister-in-law's sister died. She was a unique soul who was much different than I, but one I cared for, nonetheless. She was a good friend. And a loving person. She was spunky and had a sweet tooth that would rival anyone you ever knew. She was not afraid to have ice cream for breakfast, or lick the frosting off the cake that had been sitting out for 8 hours. Here are my thoughts for her this morning:

Dear T,

Just over a year ago you made your choice and I hope it has brought you peace.

I wish you were here to get to know my little girl. I think you would enjoy her. She is a piece of work. Spunky and crazy and so fun. She wears ribbons from your collection in her hair all the time and it makes me smile.

I miss you and hope you that you are whole again.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Late August 2011

Well, life as we know it will never be the same. Alex is now a preschooler. I know it is trite, but they grow up so freaking fast. Wasn't I just holding a new baby, blah blah blah. I love that my baby is growing into such a sweet girl. She is smarter than I give her credit for....she likes to seem pretty aloof about things, but really sucks them in like a sponge. She is so different from Nathan, which is so much for me to wrap my brain around. I knew they would be different, but I truly had no idea how very different they would be. My little trouble-maker has not given her teacher one bit of grief. I guess she saves it all for me! She loves school and asks every morning when she gets up if it is a school day for her. She also wants to know when she will get to go to Nathan's big school (elementary school).One thing at a time kiddo! Currently she has a thing for baby dolls, "Pocatontis" and Fancy Nancy books. This girl is so amazing. I love watching her grow and learn and surprise me almost everyday.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Early August 2011

Seems our month has flown by. I realize it is only half over really, but there has been so much.

Next week Alex will start preschool. She is so excited. Yesterday I registered her for her first ballet class. She is so excited. The girl does everything full on, so she is always excited.

Nathan has been in school for just about 3 weeks now, and he continues to amaze me. He can count to 8 in Chinese, and I swear his Chinese vocabulary grows every day. I just stare in awe. He is able to pronounce things so clearly, and he loves it. I am excited that we have found such a fun and challenging program. I could never imagine having done what he is going at this age. But I am excited for him to grow and to learn such a unique language.

Greg FINALLY transferred to his new store. Oh, the luxury. He is 15 minutes from home. Went from a 65 mile commute to 15 miles. I think we got a huge raise just based of the gas $$ we will be saving. Plus his new schedule is much more our style and his new 2nd pharmacist seems like a super nice opposed to the gems he had been working with. He is looking forward to working to get to know his patients and his staff. Ya Greg!

Me, just mom and chauffeur. Always something that needs to be done.....dishes, laundry, bedrooms, bathrooms. You name it I clean it. I did get to love on some brand new puppies yesterday. Oh my are they sweet. And no we are not getting one.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Smoke Alarms and the Sound of My Voice.

The other day we replaced all the smoke alarms in our house. Or, I suppose I should say Greg replaced all the smoke alarms. I bought them, and was here for moral support, but I in no way changed anything. But, back to the point. After almost 3 years of smoke alarms going off randomly in the middle of the night I could not abide it any longer. Scared the *&^% out of me. Woke up Greg and Nathan. But not Alex. In fact, she did not even roll over. Out cold.

I said something about the fact that Alex slept through the smoke alarms this past week on facebook. Most people thought it was funny. If it had someone else, I probably would have thought it was funny too. Oh, wait I do think its funny and it is my kid. What I think is even more hilarious is that they now make smoke alarms on to which you can record your voice. I saw them at the store but gave them little thought. I thought about it again when my aunt mentioned it. Speaking of funny...........who in the world would think my children would wake to my voice as opposed to a screeching alarm? Certainly not I. I am pretty sure that my voice is on a pitch that my children cannot hear at all. Something akin to a dog whistle. After all I have to say NO to things at least 4 times. And if I ask them to do or not to do something, it must be repeated at least twice. I hope one day that my kids feel compelled to call me and apologize like I do with my mom.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Grade..part 2

Because your little sister will always try to steal your thunder!

Walking out the door to his first day of FIRST grade 2011-2012!

The day has come. And I think Alex and I are feeling a little lost. I am not sure what to do with just she and I, but we will find our way. Nathan was up extra early this morning and he was ready to go. I had to tell him to go back to bed. But it was a good morning. I made him a good breakfast (french toast and sausage), packed up him lunch (a lunchable sandwich pack plus chips and cookie) and got him ready to go. I decided (along with all the other mom's and dad's) to wait with him at school until he went into class. He was less than impressed. He just wanted me gone, that was especially true once he saw his friend and was off to line up and catch-up. And I was really proud of myself. Hardly an urge to cry....until I saw Ellie and Luke's mom bawling, and then I started with some tears myself, only after I yelled at her to knock it off! {Ellie and Luke's mom is a special person in my life.....her twins were in the same NICU as we were at the same time. How we ended up at the same elementary school is crazy. We lived out here and they bought a house out here. I figured it out last year when they had the same kindergarten teacher and now they have the same 1st grade teacher too. Their mom and I have a special that never requires words.} Then Alex and I were off. It will be strange to not have him at home all day, and we will miss him. But he is off to conquer the world is his own Nathan way.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Grade......part 1.

In just about 30 minutes Nathan will meet his English speaking first grade teacher, shortly after that we will meet his Chinese speaking teacher. Then tomorrow he will have his first full day of first grade. My mind is whirling. I am excited, nervous, would think it is my first day! I want things to go so well for him. To learn and to grow. I am excited for the chance to spend some one on one time with my sweet girl. She and I, we are going to miss Nate during the day, but I think that we will be happy to spend quality time together. It will be interesting to see how it is just she and I all day together.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 2011

Wowzers......It has been a long time. Long Long Long time! There is no way I can catch up on everything in one post, so I will just start from now and will try to go back at later dates.

As thing stand right now, there is a lot that is to come........the most pressing of which is that Nathan will be starting FIRST grade in less than a week. How the hell did that happen?!?! We are really excited that he is going to be joining the Chinese immersion program at the elementary school he attends. Both we, as his parents, and Nathan are excited for this awesome program and awesome challenge. He will spend half the day learning from an English speaking teacher and half the day learning from a Chinese speaking teacher. He has a friend who lives in a different school district that has completed her first year in the program and has loved it. We look forward to him having to put some work into learning. We all agree it is going to be one crazy adventure!

Come a little farther into August and Alex will also be going to school. This will be her first year of preschool, and for me that means 4 hours a week to myself. I have not had that in almost 7 years and am not quite sure what to do with myself. I am both excited for this time, and a little sad to think my baby girl has grown up so fast. Trust me, she has no qualms about kicking my butt to the curb so she can go do her thing at school. She thinks it is about freakin' time she gets to go to school too.

Greg should soon be starting his adventure in his new store. If they ever get the transfer completed, we are now at almost 4 weeks and counting. But it will be so great to go from a 65 mile commute to 15 miles. And we will be going back to a schedule that our family deals with much better. We are greatful for his job, and looking forward to all that is to come, but mostly getting rid of that crazy commute.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Third of July

Oh if only you could read their little signs....It is their names and ages, so here we go.......

Back row: Andrew (2) ....he and his bro were napping so parents are standing in.

Middle Row: Max (4), Nathan (6), Riley (11), Jack (9), Madison (6), Cooper (2)...see above.

Front Row: Mari (7), Alexandra (3)

We, as a big old extended family, were lucky enough to have both of my cousins home for the fourth of July weekend. This was a big deal because Zeke and his brother (and twin) Max are both active duty in the Army and have been for many years. Zeke just barely got home for a nearly year long deployment in Afghanistan and he and Max are both stationed in the same place for the first time in a long time. So when they asked if they could do a family party at our house, there was not doubt that we would say yes. Of course in 2011 we had only one day over 100 degrees in the entire summer and it was July 3rd. So it was hot, but we are fortunate to have a great back yard with lots of grown trees. So we had lots of shade. A lot of great food and wonderful family and friends. I have made it a point to figure out how to entertain massive amounts of children and have decided a bounce house is always a hit. And if it is over 100 degrees and you can add water to might just find gold stars on your forehead. These kids had a great time. And so did I. I am happy my cousins are safe and sound on US soil. I am grateful for what they do every day that allows me to do what I do. I could not be more proud of those 2. And I will have a party for them ANYtime they want.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Wholly neglected blog batman! I have been so neglectful about posting for the past month or so. Partly the craziness of Christmas and partly because we all had the crap around here. Yuck! Greg and I rocked some kind horrible head cold thingy. It was miserable. Then the kids got strep. Yehaaa! We needed that. So I have a lot to catch up on, and fully intend to do so, but bear with me! 2011 is starting off with a BANG! I have a new job with the March of Dimes. Needless to say, things never seem to slow down. And as proof, I offer the fact that Alex will be 3 in a in 9 days. Wholly crap, that was FAST!

Friday, December 3, 2010

December 3

More than just a date, it is my birthday. I have had pretty much a regular day at home. Cleaning things up, hanging with my cute little family and enjoying just being me. My mom and brother (I already had the twiners all day long) joined us for a delicious Chinese food dinner and a fantastic cake. I got some fun gifts and am ready to roll into bed. After all, today may be my birthday, but after December 3 always comes December 4. And that means Nathan's birthday. He will be 6 this year. SIX!! I know I lament every year that this cannot be happening, but I am truly shocked every year. I will never forget 27. It was one of the best and scariest birthdays ever. I know by now you have all heard the story, so I will not bore you all with it again (you can read it here if you have missed it before). But really, where does the time go? I am not nearly as shocked about turning (cough33mumble) as I am about my son growing up and turning 6. I am happy with another year with my family and friends. I am right where I belong. I love you all.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Alex's Ouchie

*camera has been found...sorry it is so blurry, but I think you get the jist. By the way, all the redish/pinkish stuff is blood. Eek!

I need to find my camera, so I can share the awful pictures with you. Nothing like starting the day off with a good old "mommy heartattack". We did that yesterday, my sweet girl and I. And 36 hours later, every time I think of it I squirm! First, if you recall, way back in the day (like last year) we went through a period of time when there were no chairs in our kitchen. Because someone (Alex) was frequently found using them as ladders and climbing on anything she could. The kitchen table, no problem. The counter, you bet. The stove, well why the h#ll not?!?! It was my sincere hope that she would out grown such things and for the most part she has. FOR THE MOST PART. Yesterday morning, we got Nathan off to school and headed upstairs to get dressed and ready. Okay, get me dressed and ready. She was dressed, but needed her little rats nest to be flattened. I needed the full package. Anyhoooooo, we march upstairs, me with a load of clean sheets under one arm. I threw them on the bed and started to fold. She headed through the little door way into my bathroom. I honestly thought nothing of it. She is in there all the time. So she started asking me about some hair gel. I told her no, and to get down. I knew she had to climb to get it, but figured she had a stool or something. No real thought went into it at that moment. Not 30 seconds later, I heard the thud and knew she had fallen. No worries, daily occurrence for her and I. I picked her up and asked her where it hurt, and cradled the back of her head in my hand while I laid her sweet head on my shoulder to tell her she would be okay. It was then that I realized my hand was wet. And it should not have been. I pulled my hand away from her head to find it covered in blood. Not just blood but my kid's blood. I grabbed a towel and held it to her head. And my brain went into over-drive. First thought....must get bra on. Cannot go to any form of doctor bra-less. Funny how our minds work. Second thought.....we have new insurance and I have no freaking clue which insta-care is covered! Sonofabitch!!!! luckily my next thought was that our pediatrician WAS covered and was likely closer than any insta-care anyway. I set her down, had her hold the towel to her head, stripped of my jammies while dialing the phone (hello, I am the queen of memorizing numbers thank heavens!) and spoke to the poor receptionist waaaayyyy to fast. It went something like this.....

me: HimynameisJoeymydaughterisapatientofdoctorsoandsoandshejustfellandhitthebackofherhead
anditisbleedingandyouareascloseasanyinstacre. (breathe)canIbringhertoyou?

poor receptionist:
okay, now what happened? and what is her name?

shefellandhitherheadanditisreallybleeding. (breathe) Alexandra

poor receptionist:
your doctor doesn't have anything right now, can you see a different provider?


poor receptionist:
how soon can you be here?

five minutes. I just need to put pants on (because she needed to know that?!?!?)

keep in mind that during that phone call, I put on a bra and a t-shirt and calmed down my kid, no wonder I only breathed twice! So I threw poor Lex into her car seat, towel behind her poor head, and off we went (FLEW) to the doctor's office. Of course this is the one day they decide to have traffic on the major road by my house down to one lane and no left turn at the light the Dr's office. So as I muttered many four letter words to the poor street workers (under my breath with the window up) I flipped a u-turn half a block later and got princess parking at the Dr's office. Go me! We ran in the door, signed the "treat me, I will pay you form" and filled out the injury report form and were in a room in less then two minutes. Then the party really got started. First we had to irrigate the wound. So for all you keeping score, we have a scared, injured 2 year old and we are now going to hold her down and shoot water at her ouchie. Not going to go over well. And in fact, it did not. But I did manage to hold her down and sure enough, there was a gaping inch and a half long split down the back of her head. We both knew right away, that as I had suspected, we were going to have to close that sucker. And for better or worse, the Dr said staples were easier, faster and less painful. All of those were good enough for me. So I tried to hold her down, we ended up needing a nurse to hold her head while I pretty much laid on her legs and arms to keep her some kind of still. Jabbed her a few times to numb things up (ya for lidocaine), stapled her HEAD four times and we were done. Okay, that is not completely true. We have, by far, one of the best doctor's offices in existence and they did check her out fully. Including to see if she had bit her tongue (never occurred to me) and make sure she did not have a concussion. We were both pretty sure she didn't. And then, we were released with an appointment for the day after Thanksgiving to have her STAPLES REMOVED FROM HER HEAD!!! Wholly crap! So as I am breathing deeply and sighing relief on the way home I hear a voice from the backseat say....Mommy, I still want apples. So screw it, I turn into the grocery store, march in, with my uncombed hair and unbrushed teeth, and buy the poor kid some apples. The rest of the day was long. She got cranky and finally feel asleep in her car seat on the way home from school. And she woke from her nap about 5 levels past cranky. But she will be good as new, in 9 days. When they take the STAPLES OUT OF HER HEAD! Really I am surprised it took her this long, Nathan had stitches 3 times by the time he was 2. But I was never alone with him when he go hurt (witnesses are good!). I would like to NOT do this again. And, I am pretty sure I am going to make Greg take her to get the damn staples out! Sheesh!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

Nathan's Kindergarten Party! I loved being able to be in his classroom and help out with the party!!

The pre-trick or treat group shot
Alex, Alyssa, Nathan, Mari, Katy
Tinkerbell, Barbie Mermaid, Hook, Annie, Kitty Cat

Tink and Hook before school
Alex pretty much threw on a whole bunch of random clothing, but it turned out super cute.
Halloween this year was great! First elementary school party, which was so fun. Amazing costumes, which I am unable to take any credit for. My super wonderful neighbor pulled these awesome numbers out of her storage from when her kids were small, as in almost 20 years ago. They were a sure fire hit with my children!! And amazing. Julie has been holding out on me, that woman can SEW!! She made these costumes for her 2 the year HOOK came out. And they got their send wind with my kids, who were more than thrilled to be wearing Courtney and Cameron's old costumes. Thank you is an understatement. And I shall return them as soon as I get them spruced up a bit!!
The Richmond's were kind enough to invite us (and our friends) to their house for a lovely little Halloween party, complete with chili dinner, homemade root beer and a fantastic chemistry show done by a real chemist. The kids loved the dry ice experiments and the carving of a pumpkin with aerosol spray and a lighter. It was so neat! So thanks to Karey and Andy for having us...all of us!! We had a ball!

Middle Name Game

I got this in my email and thought it was kinda fun! So here are my Marvelous answers!

Answer the questions using the first letter of you middle name!

1. What is your Middle name -- Meredith
2. 4 Letter Word --- Meow
3. Boy Name -- Michael
4. Girl name -- Millicent
5. An Occupation -- Mother (pays hugs and kisses)
6. Something you wear -- mullett
7. Beverage – milk (chocloate of course)
8. A Place – Mountains
9. Something you shout – Moron!! (usually while driving)
10. Color – Magenta

You can play along by posting this on your blog too!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Thoughts

As I sit here on this random Wednesday, my thoughts are this:

1. turn down the freakin volume. there are currently 5 children under the age of 5 talking/yelling/playing.

2. i am warm for the first time in days. this has an impact on me, because i am rarely cold.

3. why in the world would you make child size gloves that are not waterproof. duh!

4. laundry never ends.

5. despite my love of winter, i am not ready for SNOW! so the 3 inches in my yard better melt fast.

6. i cannot get used to Greg's new work schedule.

7. wow wow wubbzy makes me want to shove a sharp object in my ear.

8. dishes never end.

9. i want to make cinnamon rolls and cannot find the motivation to do such.

10. a nap would be so nice. too bad it is all a fantasy.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Las Vegas Ladies

The first week of October I was able to slip away for some much needed girl time. And I do mean much needed! The girls and I boarded a plane for the hour long flight to Vegas after some 3 months of anticipation! When anyone asked what our plans were, we told them we were going to Vegas to eat. And we did that a lot. We also shopped and shopped and had some hilarious moments that will hopefully be enough to carry me through to the next trip we get to take together. First things first. Let me introduce you to my friends who were kind enough to run away with me.....

In the gray here on the left we have my sista-cousin Amy, her bestie Jodi, that would be me in the purple, and last, but not least in the polka dots we have Heather, my BFF. I am not one who usually buys the pictures that they take at these places and charge a ridiculous amount of money for, but since we all looked pretty darn good in this one, I forked out the eleven bucks. And really I am glad I did, we had a hard time getting pictures of all four of us. This was lunch on Tuesday at Cabowabo at Planet Hollywood. That place had the most ah-mazing poblano cream sauce I have ever tasted. It was so good we were dipping our chips and fries in it. Our waitress even made us ice water to go.....super nice. We enjoyed the buffet at the Paris (twice) and Cheesecake Factory, only because Jodi have never had the chance to indulge there before and Chinese at Chin Chin as NYNY. Lovely! We had a ball. Found the best place ever to stay.....just off the strip and the pool was open until 11! The hot tub was amazing after a day of walking. Oh, and how could I ever forget the Premium a little something at Kate Spade and Dooney and Bourke. Ahhhhhhhh!

Now is it back to home to dishes and laundry and carpool. But I am good. I had a chance to spend a few days with some of the best friends a girl could ask for. Maybe it was Vegas, or maybe I am really just that lucky.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


From the mouth of babes comes the funniest stuff ever!!

enie mennie miney mo catcha a tiger by the fish (I have no idea where a tiger's fish is... I guess you could catch a tiger WITH a fish, but not by one)

I was singing "You are my sunshine" and she told me she was taking the sunshine and leaving with it.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Year round school. Totally new concept to me. Yes, I knew it existed, but I had never actually lived by it in anyway. Year round did not come along until I was out of elementary school (way back in the day) and since this is my first child in the public school system, I am a year round virgin. I am pausing while you giggle. So I sit here, finally nearing the end of our first off-track block, and wholly crap am I glad it is nearly over. I have no idea who in the heck came up with this whole idea, but really................they were dumb. You are on-track just long enough to develop a routine, establish a pattern and then ta-da............throw a wrench in the whole works. I am not particularly thrilled. And I am not sure it is great for the kids, but what do I know I am just the mom.

So, off-track. I feel like I have spent the last 2 1/2 weeks fighting an invisible monster (school schedule) and just allowing the kids to be kids and do kid things. I have tried to keep them on track with bedtime and meal times and all that, but at some point I think you gotta go with the flow. We have been lucky to have Daddy home the whole time until just this past week, so that has been nice. And we have had the chance to do a few big things. We went to Red Butte Gardens with my mom. And Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point, where we rode the ponies. We bought ice cream from the ice cream truck. And we have made so many laps to Richmond's house (down the street) and back, that I am pretty sure there are tracks in the asphalt and the concrete. Tonight we will end our 1st off track ever with the mother of all kid events. The sleepover!! Nathan and Katy and Alex are so excited. We chowed the pizza. I ordered waaaay to much as usual! And now they are off playing before we pull out the popcorn and movies. Ahhhh kid heaven.

Monday morning will be interesting to say the least. I will have to let you know how back to school goes. For now, I think we will enjoy the weekend. Daddy is off, I have a trip to get ready for, and no matter what, Monday will come all too soon. Until then, maybe we will do what we have done for the past 3 weeks. Pretend that it is not waiting in the wings.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


We are sad around here. We lost a friend. And KeAnne's sister this past weekend. As hard as it is for me to know she is gone, I am even more hurt for my sweet sister-in-law. And to have to watch my little brother watch his wife hurt. I wish more than anything I could take it all away from them, to not have to see her cry and to see the anguish in his eye as he sees his wife's heart breaking. It just kills me.

Sweet Talese. I wonder if you know the wave you have made. I am sure you have no idea how far reaching this is. How many people you have affected. An insignificant moment, but, it is said that the beat of a butterflies wings can cause a hurricane. And boy has it. We will miss you. We will love you. I will keep in my heart my memories of you. The last, most vivid, you sitting at a long table with a cake in front of you. No utensils to be found, but that did not stop you. You dug right into the frosting and told me to come have was pretty good. You always had a sweet tooth. I pray that you have found peace. And that your friends and family will too.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


There is a little bit of crazy going on here right now. Okay, so maybe I should say some EXTRA crazy! So if I get a little rambly or sound a little nutty, I ask you to please forgive me. Hopefully it will be short lived and I will be able to resume my normal level of just plain unhinged soon. But in the mean time, realize I am a bit resentful and a whole lotta grumpy. And it is going to take me some time to work through that, which may mean I get a little more wild then usual on here. In the mean time, enjoy my insanity. It will make you feel better about your life.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I am not sure how, when, or why, but today Nathan started kindergarten. I am not sure who told my baby boy he could grow up, but when I find them............they are going to be sorry. I cannot believe that my little bundle of joy is now a school aged kid. And let's be honest, I am the only one who had a hard time with the first day of school. He was so excited and so ready. He kissed me, grabbed his dad's hand and headed off across the parking lot without a second thought or a glance back at me. Which is probably good, because I was standing there behind my sunglasses crying harder than the day he was born. I am a huge sap. Easy to cry. Always have been and I assume always will be. So despite all my motherly objections that he can not be old enough or ready, he is all of thee above. Such a joy! My wonderful son off to discover the world that school and a little bit of freedom can offer. Enjoy it kid. I love you kiddo, and you will always be my baby probably ought to come terms with that now.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Alaska...over and out!

Nine long nights, and some really long days too, Greg made it home safe and sound! We could not have been happier for his return. The fantastic Courtney came and stayed with the boys while they napped so the kids and I could go to the airport and retrieve our long lost father and husband. And I was tickled to see him, unshaven, stinky and all. I ordered him to the shower as soon as we got in the house! We now have our freezer refilled with 50+ pounds of fish we are not likely to eat, but he is refreshed and home. I really want him to be able to go and do these trips, but safe to say 9 nights was toooooooo many. I was tired of single mommyhood and to be honest, I think the kids were sick of me. I was delighted to let them be totally lost in their father..until he went to work the next morning. October is not coming fast enough!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Heart 2 Home

So, you have read my posts about Presley. She is a beautiful 2 year old, who, due to a rare genetic condition is in a wheelchair and breathes through a trache. Her family is being considered by the Heart 2 Home foundation for a mini home makeover, so the house will be more wheelchair friendly. Currently on facebook, APX Gives Back is looking to give some big bucks to a charity, and it would be great if Heart 2 Home was that charity! They are in the running, so if you are on facebook and it would be great if you could click over and vote! The monies would go along way to help this organiztion help a family in need, and if it is not my friends, it could be someone you know down the road! Do it! Vote! You know you want to!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Alaska Day 3

My mom was off today, so I got a little break to go get my car inspected. Should have stayed home. After 2 (yes TWO) ridiculous hours, I find out not only is my car NOT done, after they quoted me 90 minutes, but they have pulled it off half finished so that they could bump an "appointment" ahead of me. After I stared at him in disbelief, I told him to give me my keys, I was done. No one had said they were moving another person ahead of me and they were already 30 minutes over their time quote. I must look like I have all day. Seriously, the only thing saving them from public display of my displeasure is that they gave me the emission test they had finished for free. Needless to say I will NOT be returning, and once I can keep a civil tongue in my head there will be a very unhappy letter going out. But other than that we were good. Court took the kids for Slurpees (she is the best!!!) We had pizza for dinner and now my 2 sweet angels are fast asleep, I think I shall join them! Good Night all!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alaska Day 2

As I sit here at 10:12pm, I hear the sounds of quiet, not just sleeping quiet, but the true silence of being home alone. It is strange. Really strange. It has been a long time since I was home alone for more than 10 minutes. And I am not sure if it is comforting or driving me crazy. The kids are with their Grandma's. Grandma has Nathan and Gran has Alex. We usually don't split them up, but Nathan has been begging to see a movie and Alex.............well there is no movie that can keep her attention at this point! So they went their separate ways, and I went to dinner with a girlfriend from high school. It was great to catch up with her!
Nathan had his last day of swimming lessons today and he has already asked me to sign him up for some at the rec center. I guess I had better look and see when the new lessons start! A smooth day! Guess I will go finish cleaning up the family room, the way I want with no little monsters following behind pulling out all that I put away!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alaska, Day 1

We dropped Greg off at the airport last night for his yearly jaunt to Alaska. As usual, there were a lot of hugs and kisses and "I go with you", but the kids and I drove away and left Daddy and Grandpa to the "big airplane" to go to 'laska. And we got home before the crying and whining started. Luckily, they had not yet boarded when we got here, so I let the kids call him, and that seemed to help. I got them to bed in a decent fashion........I still am not sure why it is different, I put them to bed by myself all the time, but somehow it was, and after a zillion more "mom's" I got them both to bed, the dishes done and myself to bed before midnight! Score. Night was uneventful, even though we had a storm blow through, every one (who is small or a dog) slept all the way through the night. Alex climbed in bed with me a little after 6 am and asked where her daddy was...I said Alaska and we both rolled over and went back to sleep. When the alarm went off, I climbed out of bed, and the rest of the day went pretty much as usual. With the exception that Alex slept until 9 am. I think she has a cold, gauging by the green crusties in her poor nose.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Conan and Roofus (I give up it won't center!)

It is officially the dog days of summer. And that is especially true around here! A little over 4 days ago, we were delivered 2 very large, very young, very lost pups. Big, black German Shepard pups. Conan and Roofus. 10 months and 8 months respectively. Their people are my cousins, twins none the less, who are both in the Army. One flies helicopters, and is on a training assignment, the other is being deployed (again). Their trips were not supposed to over lap. Max was supposed to be home before Zeke left, but that is not the way it turned out, so these pups were left a little high and dry. So what could we do with our 1/3 acre fenced yard. We offered to doggy sit from when Z leaves until Max gets back with his 60 million dollar office. As I am sure the offending terrorist read my blog (hahahahaha!) I won't disclose too much, but to say that Z is going over the pond, to the land of sand. Max is somewhere stateside, as if I can keep track of them, I can't even find my checkbook at present! And I am no longer capable of remembering things like which company or unit they are with. Once upon a time, I knew that information, now I am a looser and just know they are in the Army. Which is probably a good thing, that way I manage to worry a little bit less.
Anyway, back to our house......Nathan is terrified of the dogs. Doesn't help that the first thing he did was take off running and one scared pup tried to coral him. Which just freaked him out more. Alex on the other hand could hardly care less. She does startle when they bark at her...hello they are as tall as she is! But she is constantly running to their treat box for a milkbone. I swear we are going to go through the whole huge box in a week at this rate. Maybe she has learned the most valuable doggy lesson....bribery is good! So things here are crazier than usual, but I am not complaining. Taking care of dogs seems so minor when compared to what my cousins do. They make our country a little safer. It is because of people like them, that my family is able to enjoy such amazing freedoms. Every day, as I feed and care for their pups, I will make sure to whisper my prayer for Max and Zeke to be safe and come home soon. Take care guys, and know that your pups are being loved, and so are you!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy July!!

Currently my hubby and little brother are dismanteling our deck so they can get to the broken sprinkler pipe that runs underneath it. Do you know how I know the progress they are making?? I just heard the word "shitballs" Never what you want to hear when it comes to work being done in your yard!! Happy Fourth of July. Or as they put it on Spike TV yesterday during the Star Wars Marathon.........Happy Force of July!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 2010, in a nutshell.

I had a typo just now, instead of nutshell, I typed nitshell.....probably should have left it. This month has been a whirl wind. How was it that as a child summers seemed to last forever until the week you went back to school. But as an adult, especially as a parent, time seems to FLY by!! We started June with planning for weddings. Both those were would be attending and one that we would be participating in. Beginning the day was a whirlwind trip to Price for a bridal shower for Sheena, followed up with a lovely rose garden reception for Madison and Joni (my boss's daughter). The next weekend was the BIG one! Greg's (slightly) older brother Mike married his cute bride Stephanie in a lovely ceremony in Midway. The kids and Greg were all part of the bridal party and looked perfect (hey, I get to gloat here!) and as soon as I steal someones pictures I will prove it! Alex was the sweetest little flower girl, who would not allow anything to be done with her hair, and wore her white sport socks down the isle under her sandals. Stunning I tell ya! Nathan HAD to have a suit and like his dad's, so we found a affordable number at Target, and he was the most stunning ring bearer ever. He looked sharp! And my sweet hubby, all done up in his monkey suit looked AMAZING. Hot, Hot, Hot. Best looking best man EVER. Hands down. I was the decorator, and I am proud to say, with the help of my shorter, older twin we totally rocked it!! So to Mike and Steph, many happy years! Toward the middle there, we threw in some good old Country Fest fun and headed to the parade and had bunches of friends over for pizza and fireworks. The big, in the sky ones too! We brought the month to an end with an open house for the Mike and Steph and due to pure inability to drive and function, missed Jesse and Sheena's reception, but we sure wish them lots of love and happiness! I guess you could say we had a "marry" June. July starts tomorrow. And in one month Nathan will start kindergarten. I am reeling!!! My baby kindergarten! Wholly smokes that was FAST!!! But first, we have swimming lessons to conquer! I am hoping to find my camera soon, and get some pictures up for all to enjoy. Oh, and one more thing, the twins are starting to walk. Ya, July will not be slowing down for us. NOT ONE BIT!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

THE Wedding

My bother-in-law is getting married. This Saturday. And needless to say, things here have gotten a little nuts. Mike and Steph are getting married about an hour out of town in at beautiful Inn. Everyone here has big responsibilities. Even the kids. Who are the flower girl and ring bearer. They could not be prouder or more excited. Greg is one of the groomsmen, and I am in charge of the decorations and set-up. Luckily I have amazing friends and family who are going to help me make my vision come true even if they all think I am a little bit cooky right now, becasue I can see it all in my head and am NOT doing welll in sharing it! We should be gettting some family photos taken at the wedding and I will be mroe than happy to share them, once I have copies of them! I am no where near ready, but will be soon. Off to shop for a last few things!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Time

We are in full Summer Time mode round here. The weather is finally cooperating, thank heavens and we are ready for some summer fun. On tap for June we have weddings. Three to be exact. Including the brother-in-law, in which everyone plays a pretty significant roll, but me. Well, maybe that is not entirely true, I am the wrangler for the flower girl and ring bearer and also the best man's wife who will be writing his toast. I guess I have plenty of duties, just none of them official. The other two weddings, I am happy to report, I have no role in except to show up and offer my congratulation to the glowing bride and her lovely groom. Easy enough.

This is our last official summer before we have a school aged child. The boy starts kindergarten this year. I am shocked and awed and a little weepy at the notion that my baby is about to start his school career. I am sure there will be tears on the first day (and make no mistake they will be mine and not his.) He is going to half day kindergarten and then two days a week he will continue at Learning Dynamics with their kindergarten enhancement program. I am sure that is when most of the learning will take place. Seeing that at the Kindergarten meeting earlier this spring, they encouraged us to make sure our kids knew the letters in their names......sheesh my kids can read and write his own name and simple books, now what??? We shall see how this goes........

Speaking of the boy, I asked him what he wanted to do this summer, his answers were so funny. He wants to see the beach and have lots of fun. I told him we would see about the beach and I am sure we could get do the fun thing. Right now they are out playing in my garden, glad I have not got it planted yet.

So we are off and running for summer. I will keep you posted (ha posted) as to how it goes!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Saturday Night

I love to be able to steal away with my hubby. But seeing that we have 2 kids, that does not happen nearly as often as I would like! This past weekend, since it was our anniversary and all, we took off Saturday night and headed all the way downtown. I know, we are such crazy kids! But seeing that Greg had to work Saturday and Sunday, it was about all we could manage. We happen to love Sunday Brunch at Grand America....but it is only about a twice a year thing, if we are lucky, becasue at 38 bucks a head, it had darn well better be a special occassion! So we took the night, headed down to Grand America for a night of just the two of us time. It was so fun. First, if you know me well, you know that I am a major hotel snob. I love, LOVE, the spiffy rooms, and that feeling of being in another world. And the suite we got fit the bill perfectly! It was not huge, but it was beautiful, with an amazing view from the 18th floor. The marble bathroom was Ah-mazing. I could have gotten lost in the huge tub. We made ourselves comfortable and wandered the hotel for a bit. We went and checked out both of the pools, and the fitness area too. Though lets be honest, I had no plans to work out. Then we headed to dinner at one of my new favorite places. The Bayleaf Cafe. You can find them here. We found this cute little place during downtown dine-around back in April and I have been aching to go back ever since, and I finally got my chance. We walked out of the hotel, down half a block and hopped on the Trax train for the 4 block ride to dinner. It was fun to not have to worry about the car and finding parking! We got our table and settle in for some super yummy dinner. Greg had chicken and waffles and I had a divine thick cut pork chop, which rocked an amazing fruit compote on top. It was delicious! We decided after dinner to wander down Main Street back to the hotel, and I was bummed that at 8 PM on Saturday night everything was closed! But it was still fun to walk and talk and window shop a little bit. We got back to the hotel, settled in with a movie and just hung out with no agenda and no one needing strange. In the morning we finally got up and headed down to brunch. We knew we would need reservations, and we were glad we had them! They were super busy. But as usually it was amazing. Greg headed straight to the Prime Rib, not at all shocking, and I settled down with my favorite....eggs benedict. It was so fun to just sit with my amazing husband and listen to him and to giggle at his fashion critics. He is a hoot. I also loved not having to consider anyone else's dietary desires. No one to slop food on my clothing (but me) and a drink I did not have to share. Ahhhhh....that was the life. After eating ourselves into a coma, we wandered upstairs, got our things and checked out, to go back to real life. I drove Greg to work, then went and got the kids. But I loved that night. I love every night with him.